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This is my homepage that I keep mainly so that people know I still exist and can get in touch with me despite my rapidly changing set of email addresses. For disambiguation, because I'm sure the world is littered with Matthew Exons, this is the one from Chengdu, Beijing, Oldenburg, Munich, London, Sydney and Perth.

You can get in touch using my email page.

I am deeply distrustful of social networking sites, but use them anyway. Mostly I just link to my friends and to this website. If you go in for that sort of thing, I'm on:


Right now I'm travelling through central Asia. I'm blogging it here.

I have a blog of my 2008 round-the-world holiday here.

I also have a small collection of essays I wrote about subjects that were bugging me at the time. The collection is smaller than it once was: I cowardly removed the ones which might offend people I like.


Stuff I'm working on or have worked on:

Friends' homepages

My wish lists: Germany UK US

Common misspellings (Hi Google! Welcome to my homepage!)

Chinese name: 艾慕唐 (pinyin: Ài Mù Táng)

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