Computer Science Honours Project

This is my honours project from 1996, completed as part of my BSc. at the department of Computer Science at the University of Western Australia. The project involved building a graphical C++ source code navigation tool for the X window system. My supervisor was Chris McDonald.

The goal of the project was to explore ways of presenting C++ constructs to the developer, and write a "proof of concept" development tool.

Instead of parsing the C++ code itself, it relied on the user invoking make, which in turn invoked a custom version of g++, which produced a logfile about the code it was compiling. My software then read in the logfile and displayed the results.

You can read the final thesis online, either by downloading the postscript version, or by viewing the HTML version, which unfortunately contains many rendering errors in the images (it was made using latex2html). You can also download the whole project in a zip file.

A note: The Computer Science department had its own custom LaTeX class file for use in writing theses. Unfortunately I forgot to get a copy when I was an undergrad. I managed to get a copy of the 2004 version, but it no longer compiles my thesis out of the box. So the webpages and postscript file above were generated from a slightly hacked version. It probably appears slightly different from the original thesis.

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