This Is Not A Blog

(Censored version)

I decided to clean up, HTMLify, and put online various notes, essays, and rants that I've written at various times. Why? I honestly don't know. I can't imagine anyone else wanting to spend time reading my opinion on two party politics, or anything else for that matter. But if everyone else is going to spew their mindless verbal diarrhea online, then why not me? I mean, the stuff's just sitting there...

And then I decided, suddenly, not to any more. The reason for this is that I'd written a bunch of deliberately uncontrolled rants about technologies that were pissing me off at the time. Like Bluetooth. As it happens, I really like Bluetooth, there's just a few things that irritate me about it. So I wrote about those. But since the resulting text completely misrepresents my opinion, I decided that it was pretty silly to put it up on my opinion page.

So I've now gutted this page, leaving only the essays that never criticise anything. You may proceed to call me a pussy now.

Matthew Exon
Last modified: Mon Dec 18 11:37:34 CET 2006