Montreal Day 3

Fri, 18 Apr 2008 02:21:32 +0000

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Today I managed to spend well over $60 on food. So much for eating sensibly. I blame wikitravel, which just has so many recommendations for places to eat.

To start with, I went to a cafe for a brunch. I ended up getting pancakes with fruit, which was fantastic. Maybe not all that Quebecois, but still excellent.

I followed that up with a heavy lemon cake thing from a vegan bakery. It was still warm, and stayed that way even as I walked along in the street slowly nibbling away at it. Far too heavy after that breakfast, so I was a little bloated at the end of it. Despite that, I followed up shortly afterwards with a "lunch" of a cake and a waffle. Can't help myself, obviously.

To do some touristing, I went down to the old docks to visit the archaeological museum. Incidentally, that provided a good view of the remarkable "habitat 61" building. Sure, it looks a little dated and run-down now, but I really do like this kind of organic architecture.

The museum itself is perhaps a little light on really deep history. They had an entire floor dedicated to an extremely mild rebellion they had in the 18th century, more or less equivalent to the Eureka stockade in Australia. Then to see the main section you have to sit through a 20 minute film, which is partly about the history of Montreal but also a big long ad for the city itself. Oh well, the foundations of the previous buildings are well-preserved and well-displayed, so it was worth a visit.

And then to finish off, aubergine au matin with garlic bread and salad, followed up by chocolate and banana cake. I'm pushing the limits of my budgets, both financial and calorific, in Montreal. I promise to be more sensible in Toronto tomorrow.

Montreal, Day 2 Index Toronto, again