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Sun, 02 Mar 2008 17:31:45 +0000

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I'm travelling around the world. There seems very little chance of backing out of it now. It's really happening. And this being 2008, I therefore need a blog on which to write about my experiences. This is that blog. Welcome.

The most important topic that needs addressing right off the bat is "Why?" So let's start with that. It seems easiest to first strike out a few common reasons for travelling that do not apply in my case:

So, you miserable bastard, why are you doing this? Maybe a little more like the following: None of that, unfortunately, is likely to make for particularly coherent blog entries, so don't be surprised if this descends into a Catalogue of Exotic Train Station Waiting Rooms of the World. Or, worse, What I Did On My Holidays. If my experiences come off sounding stupefyingly dull, don't worry, they almost certainly weren't for me. That is, apart from the queuing, which certainly was.

So with that out of the way, the next thing you want to know is where I'm going to be, and when. You and me both, mate. The best approximation is probably to be found in TripIt, which I've filed under the "Links" thing. But you have to be a member, which is a pain. Basically, I'm travelling from March to September, through South America, Canada, Japan, South-East Asia, Perth, the Middle East, Eastern and Southern Africa, before rounding things off by taking the trans-Mongolian railway from Moscow to Beijing. It's an ambitious itinerary, and I am fully prepared to fail to follow it.

And then we come to the boring bit: about this blog. I've been promising everyone that I'll write a blog entry every day. This is because I'm a pathological liar: obviously that's not going to work, I'll be busy. And even with the best will in the world I can't make a blog entry appear on the site every day: many places won't have Internet access. But I intend to write and save blog entries on my PDA, and since I have a folding keyboard they may even be verbose, like this one. When I get Internet access, I'll upload them. There may be photos, and possibly even maps, but Wordpress seems reluctant about the idea so don't count on it.

I have enabled comments on the blog. I can't imagine what people might have to say, but I've been asked, and in Wordpress it seems easier to leave it on than switch it off. But I've also turned on comment moderation, which means you'll have to wait for me to get Internet access before your comments will actually appear. This is to avoid the blog being saturated with adverts for penis pills (if you want penis pills, buy them from Mat Exon's Penis Pill Web Emporium, coming soon to this domain). Don't use an email address you care about: I'm not a particularly conscientious sysadmin, so it's entirely possible that the hackers will fillet my server like a ripe sardine.

And I notice that the site looks awful in Internet Explorer, with the images not lining up correctly and text off on the wrong side and so on. If you use Internet Explorer, tough. Let this be a lesson to you. I designed the site the way I want it to look, and I followed the rules while doing so. Firefox may be a hacked-up pile of rubbish, but it too follows the rules. I'm all out of compromise here.

In a couple of weeks, it kicks off, and hopefully there will be some real blog entries to read. In the meantime, file away the RSS feed and wait.

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